On the main city square in Shatsk, a New Year tree was dressed up –

A Christmas tree was decorated on the main city square in Shatsk

A New Year tree was installed on the main city square in Shatsk, in front of the Municipal Cultural Center. On December 15, she sparkled with New Year’s lights.

For the second year in a row, together with a live Christmas tree, they decorate an artificial one. Previously, the city administration turned to residents who had spruce trees growing on their personal plots. But in 2021, they purchased an artificial Christmas tree, which, according to the townspeople, is no worse.

Shatsk resident Natalya Smirnova:

“Today, passing by the MCC, I appreciated the beauty of the Christmas tree! Feel the Christmas atmosphere. I am especially pleased that the city administration made a choice in favor of an artificial tree, thereby emphasizing the desire to protect nature!”

A festive mood for residents and guests of the city is also created by the illumination of city streets.

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