One in four companies will refuse to hire new employees in 2023


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One in four companies will refuse to hire new employees in 2023

Many companies will switch more to retaining employees.

Study spent recruiting service Atsearch Group together with the SberHealth online service. The specialists decided to find out what strategy for regulating the staff of employees Russian companies have chosen for themselves. To do this, they interviewed HR directors and line managers in HR departments from different industries.

And the survey showed that 23% of companies have abandoned plans to hire employees in 2023. In April 2022, 81% of respondents had such plans, and only 58% had them for the next year. Active recruiting, according to researchers, will continue in IT, sales and manufacturing. They will also hire top managers – not only to replace, but also new leaders.

“The situation on the labor market is shortening the planning horizon and is seriously holding back hiring growth in 2022. That is why business is more focused on retaining and developing current employees and uses various non-material motivation tools for this,” says Elena Morozova, managing partner of Atsearch Group.

The offer of corporate medical insurance, psychological support and even additional days of vacation will help to retain employees. And on the little things: discounts on the company’s products, food compensation, etc. Experts are sure: “The importance of support and care in 2022-2023 will grow more than ever.”



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