Our jaws will drop: Ramba and the Geislers have taken off their clothes! How much did it cost?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ao, for not screwing it up and not letting it screw me up! Love is naked for generations. Girls, let’s take off our clothes! At least to the cobwebs, she exclaimed Teresa Ramba in connection with the new obleen collection in his e-shop.

Beyonc let Rambo go, Rambo’s friend promised to fix his legs, and we had it done in an hour. And I love it. I’m also very shy and only take off my clothes when Jan Svrk wants me to or when it’s about our company, but what for? This song I have Pavuinka dt. To honor myself as a woman, because all that needs is hidden, and what I have, let it shine, she sent a piece of macerated cotton to the address, it is similar to silk.

I wouldn’t trade Teresa for anyone else! And I wouldn’t take a picture of myself with a bare ass for anyone else, only for this elusive, unstoppable and irresistible person, who is known to be extremely capable, smart and full of love, the actress bowed Aa Geislerov.

Also a bit of raptor and avalanche, but that’s a lot. I don’t know what came into her mind to give me this, because everyone knows that I’m extremely prudish (what I do at work is another matter) and I’d rather get two prescriptions from a doctor, not break my body, and it doesn’t matter which half it is Yippee, said the actress.

Tereza Ramba and Aa Geislerov boasted built-in figures.

It is also known about me that when I am afraid of him, I always go to fight it. Always. That’s me. And Tereza allowed me to express my discomfort in the body and in the end we were two Beyoncés (somehow after us) and I am said Aa.

And he told me that I really wanted his spider shirt. It is an inhospitable material and the hunter has to embrace it! Thank you, my big birdie, you are my role model and a nice sale! cried Teresa.

And how much for Spider-Man? The roll is made of the finest cotton, which both houses agreed on and which I guarantee you, Ramba has priced at 2,490 crowns.

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