Overheard in Moscow: what did you talk about outside the Moscow Ring Road

She got divorced, didn’t she?
– Yes. Still in September.
– Did you know her husband?
– Yes, such a mattress. She says it was the most inconspicuous marriage.
— Out of two?
– Out of three. This third one was.

“We are just waiting for the military enlistment office to be made out of the library. At a low start, so to speak.
– Clear. Well, you just have a memorial room empty.

She is such an interesting girl. Travels a lot. And he works somewhere in Rostec or Rosneft, I don’t remember. Carry the monitor with you in your backpack everywhere.
– Why?
“Suddenly the work will come. Like we went to the volcano, she carries a monitor with her. Doesn’t break off at all.

A couple in the store

– Let’s take this yogurt then.
– Yes, 100 rubles. Let’s take ours. He is 85. Let’s be dairy patriots.

Are you getting ready for the New Year? Does Rita buy iPhones?
– No, Rita buys booze.
So she doesn’t drink.
So she’s not herself. She’s kind of investing.

Mom with a child:

“Now let’s go home, let’s eat and sleep.”
– Do you want to eat and sleep?
– Of course.
It’s because you’re an adult. And boring.

“He’s just a master at asking unexpectedly fucked up questions.
– For example?
For example, we packed everything. All glued. You can send. Now the gazelle is coming. And then he says: “Why don’t we put some cool New Year’s present in each box?”

In the bus:

– I have a 16 year old daughter. I’m only interested in cosmetics. All.
– Why? Isn’t TikTok interested?
– Well, she used to dance something into it. And now he says that you need to go to YouTube right away.

Everything has gone up in price terribly. I went to the store. Bread, cottage cheese, everything – minus one and a half thousand.
– Oh, yes. My two days in a row do not eat the same food. It can be so ruined!
You cook every day, don’t you?
– Well, yes now. We don’t order delivery anymore.

She is trying to build healthy relationships.
– What is it like?
– No abuse and codependency.
– Clear. Still young.

The phone is broken, I went to the workshop. While repairing, I watched TV for several hours. There was a film about cops mixed with about Hands-Scrapers. In short, I’m not afraid of anything anymore.

– Today Bobrova and I were talking about how customers send us orders for 2025. She says, “My planning horizon is two hours. And people have three years. What different worlds.

It’s good that I don’t have children. Even more so now, guess what?
– Yes, it’s not at all clear what the joke is. I need to destroy my vagina to the root, so that I can get stuck for at least another 18 years.

— He paid for the coffee. And I paid for the cakes too. I paid for the salad myself.
Why didn’t he pay for the salad?
Well, he didn’t eat it at all.

– She is 30 years old, and she is constantly sick. Now she has tonsillitis, then sinusitis. All some dietary supplements drink. Isn’t it obvious that they don’t help her?

Two teenage boys:

“Women need to be understood. There is some kind of logic in the depths after all.

Illustration: Natalie-Kate Pangilinan

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