Ozzy ds fans: The absent killer, every step is suffering! Concert in Prague threatened?

The photographer was caught Ozzy Osbourne in American Los Angeles with his model Sharon, who looks fantastic for her age. On the other hand, the phenomenal rocker, who has been suffering from health problems for many years, has been very sad lately.

Ozzy Osbourne dl ds sv fans.

He has an unconscious stroke in his leg, can only walk with a stick and has a lot of problems moving around. The two-year-old musician made a very good impression and told the news that his current life is one big suffering.

Ozzy is in big trouble.

He’s a damn tk, too much to hang out with, but I want to be out revealed recently Ozzy, who underwent two major surgeries this year alone. The last one took place in Ervno.

Thank God I found the right surgeon who knows how to fix foot problems. I had to take sticks for nerve pain, it’s sticking together. But I can’t describe how frustrating my life is right now, he squirmed according to Osbourne.

The head is in the horseshoe and so on, says Ozzy. But fans, beware

But the British hitmaker insists that his health problems have no effect on his music.

My head is in a shoebox, my creativity is in a shoebox and my voice is also in a shoebox. Just don’t let him walk too much he said of his status as Ozzy, who is scheduled to perform at the sold-out O2 Arena on May 19, 2023, during the No More Tours 2 tour.

Ozzy is in big trouble.

that fans are understandably afraid that the long-awaited concert will not happen in the end, because it does not look at all that Ozzy has managed to perform.

The former frontman of the band Black Sabbath gave his last concert in August this year in his native Birmingham. At the time, he told the British newspaper Sun that he was in danger of being paralyzed for life before the kidney operation.

Ozzy Osbourne has been battling Parkinson’s disease since 2019. In the same year, he suffered a terrible stroke, which burned his several-year-old neck injury, which he caused in 2003 during an accident on a pole. That’s when the rocker broke eight ribs and sprained his neck. After the first operation, he had 15 screws in his walls

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