Parade of Father Frosts was held in the Alexander Nevsky district

Parade of Father Frosts was held in the Alexander Nevsky district

On December 20, the traditional New Year’s Eve parade of Father Frosts took place in the village of Alexander Nevsky. At 10.00, a large army of Santa Clauses, Snow Maidens and other fairy-tale heroes gathered at the local history museum. Under cheerful New Year’s songs and greetings of motorists the motley column has passed on the central street of the settlement.

Schoolchildren of elementary grades and kindergarteners were impatiently waiting for New Year’s heroes at the main Christmas tree. Behind fluffy beards and bright suits one could hardly recognize kindergarten teachers, teachers, cultural workers, librarians, high school students.

The parade participants from the high parapet of the Palace of Culture were greeted by the main Father Frost and the Snow Maiden (Kirill and Victoria Tyaglik). They congratulated everyone on the upcoming New Year and wished them a festive mood.

In the general round dance, children and adults together sang the main New Year’s song about the Christmas tree. In order not to freeze in the cold, Father Frost’s deputy (Igor Sugakov) arranged a dance flash mob for the children. At the end of the holiday, all Santa Clauses untied their magic bags to treat all the children with sweets.

The parade of Father Frosts gave rise to the New Year holidays in all schools and kindergartens of the district.

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