Patrasov refuses to acknowledge his drinking problems: Will he end up like Bartoov and Krampolov?

It’s nejvi and lit her. Don’t talk, just look. I’m afraid that when we don’t move quickly, the earth sounds the alarm Felix Slovekwho, in connection with the model for denk Blesk, talks about states where he is very disoriented and does not know you at that moment, whether it is day or night.

Dagmar Patrasov but he still insists that he doesn’t drink, or that he doesn’t drink so much that it has to be published in the press and everyone wants it. ada if he likes to fuck himself, why not her? I don’t see any reason for her to go to the bakery. Even the fact that, due to asthma indispositions, she has to constantly contract projects and brushes.

it’s getting worse confessed the sad musician who, willy-nilly, became part of the vicious circle. That’s why it’s so sad to talk about freedom from selfishness again, especially since it’s a long-distance run.

I would hate to do it. I even consulted with a lawyer about how to do it all, but it’s not easy. On the other hand, if I don’t do anything, the whole situation should end up similar to how it was with Iveta Bartoov. At that moment, people will think of me as a musician and think of me as a murderer. They will accuse me of murdering her and taking care of nothing. But basically I don’t think anything else, not that I’m getting old, he was four years old for Rytmus ivota.

Ji Krampol has known Dda since they were sixteen years old.

On his side, pidv i She Krampolwho enjoyed his time with his beloved model Hanka.

I have known my grandfather since I was sixteen years old. I love her, she is a flawless and talented girl, we have been friends for life. I’m sorry it turned out like this. He doesn’t want to admit that the drink slipped out of his hands, auditioned for Showtime.

I feel so sorry for Felix, because I was in such a situation with my wife. Those who haven’t seen it, don’t know it at all. If the hunter doesn’t want me, he can’t go with it no chisels. Hanika was a very sick woman, a patient, it lasted nine and a half years, added the actor and moderator, who finally got the model on the phone, it wouldn’t exactly be voluntary.

Dagmar Patrasov should stay away from alcohol for a long time.

I had to find out that it is devoid of integrity. She used to do things like that with her, she just couldn’t do it. It was something terrible. When she was in that last stage where she didn’t drink but smoked eighty cigarettes a day, I didn’t know what to do. And I had to put in a lot of effort. described the untenable situation of Krampol, his fate will also be met by Slovka.

I drank St. she told me I was bullshitting. She thinks that she is the same as any normal hunter. if you ever go to the greenhouse. So what’s up mmm ct kr shoulders actor.

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