Patrasov took the initiative: Slovek m wants a turnover for property, zu

In front of the blokes, with the scents of the holiday, Dagmar Patrasov (66) and Felix Slovka (79) began to complain. A lot of boxes with sugar, packing pepper, and kuppers are washed as shit. The second round of mutual observation was started by the absence of the singer and actress at a benefit for children, where she did not arrive due to sudden indisposition. According to the musician, alcohol was to blame and his patience ran out, and he talked to the copper about being deprived of self-control. His wife complained that he was only interested in property and mentioned the divorce.

It’s the end of her career! The only option here is to strip it of its originality, otherwise I can! No one who doesn’t have such a sick hunter at home will understand that. And if it happens, everyone will come and scold me because I didn’t do anything. it is tk he let himself be heard Felix Slovekin an interview for Blesk pot, what ho Dagmar Patrasov she burst out when she didn’t arrive at the agreed date.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the first time that she didn’t come to the event she was originally supposed to be at and the organizers teased guests and poor people about her.

He’s probably talking about property, among other things. U m those his flows yours. And depend on your life. He constantly annoys her. I don’t want to talk to the press because I need to. I will not comment on him, began, according to, the actress, who also changed her divorce in anger.

He must have been pissed off. Enough about the divorce. This is u pes ru. I’m desperate about it. After a thousand years of manhood, he is born like this, Patrasov fanned out.

Felix wrote on the brush of Halina Pawlowski’s book Uvej ivota!

Don’t forget to hope that she didn’t drink a double of her favorite wine to calm down. If Slovek is bad, or maybe even not telling the truth, she should take the wind out of his sails by saying that he won’t even touch alcohol, he will be at the agreed events and in a good mood, and I will know that she is not the one who caused my problem.

It will be the first year that Expres visited Manele in their crack villa between the holidays, and it looked like he was coming back to the reindeer after seven years. Who hon, how will it be this year…

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