Pedestrian underpass near Bars on Moskovskoye Highway to be repaired

Pedestrian underpass near Bars on Moskovskoye highway to be repaired in the new year

Underground pedestrian crossing at the Bars on the Moscow highway will be put in order. This was announced by the head of the administration of the city of Ryazan Elena Sorokina in social networks.

“We need to do it, the issue is long overdue, there are a lot of requests from residents. We have worked out the best option – we will carry out the repair by the efforts of the Improvement Directorate. We will start as soon as the weather conditions allow, with the onset of the new construction season. We will repair the steps, the floor, put the walls and awnings in order,” she wrote.

In addition, the head of administration instructed the Department of Economics and Digital Development to work out the issue of finding an investor who could further develop and maintain this site.

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