Philip Kirkorov moved his entire family to Moscow

Recently, the singer decided to move his relatives, who until recently lived abroad, to Russia.

Philip Kirkorov with his family.
Photo: Philip Kirkorov with his family social networks.

Kirkorov’s relatives are now in Moscow: the artist’s father Bedros, his wife, Harry’s father’s brother and his wife Marie. They are getting ready to celebrate the New Year and Christmas together. Philip Bedrosovich noted that he himself is now also in Russia, and does not plan to leave it.

The fate of the elite mansion in Miami, which local activists are trying to take away from the artist, remains in question. If you believe their words, then Kirkorov will allegedly be immediately arrested if he dares to appear in the United States.

According to the documents, the property belongs not only to the performer, but also to his aunt Marie. A mansion in Miami’s prestigious Lagorce Drive district cost Kirkorov $4.2 million in 2011. Now it can be sold already for 9.6 million. Every year, the artist pays a house tax of 70 thousand dollars.

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