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Phone tagilchanka seized by scammers and deceive people

For several days, a resident of Nizhny Tagil was “cut off” by strangers’ phone. Turning to the telecom operator, she found out that scammers are using her number for fraud. This is a new type of deception, from which no one is safe yet.

“They call me from unknown numbers, and someone calls for a long time, someone calls and hangs up. I call back, they tell me that I called them. But I didn’t call them, I don’t know who it is at all! And they claim that they have a missed call from my number. At first I thought it was some kind of mistake. But after a while I get a notification from Getcontact [приложение для смартфона, которое позволяет узнать, как тот или иной номер записан у пользователей приложения – прим. ВН], I go in and see that someone wrote me down as “scammers”. I panicked!” – says Tagil woman Christina.

The city dweller turned to her telecom operator “Motive”. There she was explained that this is a new type of fraud. Through a certain program, unknown people replace the number that is determined by the victim. Christina’s case is far from the first, company representatives noted. But all that was advised to the subscriber was not to pick up the phone or change the phone number. During a conversation between Christina and a journalist from the Vse Novosti news agency, another call was received, which finally dispelled doubts that the numerous calls were just an accident.

— Hello!
— Hello, the connection was interrupted.
Hello, I didn’t call you.
— The investigator called me from this number.
— Investigator? And what did he say?
– They called me, asked for data, they say that some data was stolen from my bank account, I urgently need to close it, I need to dictate something. Called from your number…
– I want to warn you that scammers called you.

So far, there are no tools in Russia to protect against number spoofing, the press service of Motiva told Vse Novosti news agency. Fraudsters do not set themselves the goal of using the phones of a particular telecom operator, but simply brute force numbering for automatic substitution through the program. Usually computer telephony is used for this: the call passes through the Internet network, then through the public telephone networks of various operators. For example, in the last few days, calls have ended on Viber or WhatsApp subscribers.

All of the above does not allow the operator serving the end subscriber to determine the real route of the call and take actions to limit such calls, and law enforcement agencies to identify the initiator of the call, ”the press service stated.

Christina’s problem is not typical, they say in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Typically, scammers use replacement phones of law enforcement agencies, banks, and government agencies. Why they chose the girl’s personal number is unclear.

“The last time in a similar way deceived Tagil woman when she allegedly received a call from the UK. The scammers told her to look that it was the number of the Investigative Committee. Yes, it has indeed been confirmed. But when she directly dialed the phone, they answered that there was no such employee and the woman became a victim of deception. Usually, when they ask for a specific employee, they answer that there is no such employee. Therefore, it is not yet clear why the girl’s personal number is used in a particular situation, ”commented the police.

It is possible to solve the problem only through the joint efforts of operators and the state, Motiv representatives believe. The Ministry of Digital Development is already creating a unified platform for verifying telephone calls. When it works, number substitution for fraudulent calls will not be possible. But building such a complex system will take time. In the meantime, Christina continues to be pestered by calls, and she is seriously thinking about changing her phone.

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