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Photo report: how the exercises of emergency services took place in Taganrog

Recall that on December 14, special exercises were held in all municipalities of the Rostov region, in which emergency response services of all levels were involved. The most large-scale training took place on the territory of Taganrog and the Neklinovsky district.

The purpose of the exercise was to develop interagency cooperation in response to emergency situations caused by snow drifts and traffic jams. As well as the elimination of the consequences of accidents at housing and communal services. The order to hold the event was given by the governor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev.

In each of the municipalities worked out their introductory. On the territory of Taganrog and the Neklinovsky district, the legend is as follows: as a result of aggravated weather conditions (heavy snow, wind, frost), the conditions for traffic on highways worsened. Numerous snow drifts and traffic jams have formed with a total length of more than 100 km, in which there are about five thousand cars, 300 short-distance and long-distance passenger buses and about 12 thousand citizens.

In total, more than five thousand specialists of the region’s emergency response services and about two thousand units of equipment worked out during the training of the legend: the forces and means of the urban level of the RSChS, regional rescuers, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, traffic police units, ambulance crews.

Photo report by Anatoly Ivashov

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