Pieta for the bartender who hanged himself in La Fabrica: Prachar’s partner Maxián also lit a candle

On Monday evening, a pieta was held in the Prague restaurant La Fabrika for Marian O., who hanged himself last week during a concert by the band Tros Discotequos. In addition to friends and comrades, Jan Maxián, a member of the mentioned group, came to say goodbye to the popular bartender, who lit a candle at the place of worship.

People started gathering in front of La Fabrika in Holešovice already before six o’clock in the evening. A “private event” sign hung on the door of the establishment and a photo of the bartender was placed next to it Marian O.who committed suicide last week.

Several dozen people took part in the piety for the barman Mariano, who committed suicide.

Inside, refreshments were prepared for the mourners. Everyone also had the opportunity to serve themselves in the bar according to their taste, before entering, people lit a candle for their friend.

Several dozen people came to remember, and at the last minute the dubber and musician Jan Maxián, who at the time when Marian took his own life, was giving a concert at La Fabrice with his colleagues Jakub Prachar and Vojtěch Dyk.

Jan Maxián from the band NightWork also came to light a candle for barman Mariano.

He cried for attention, drowned in a noose, says a friend

The death of the popular bartender saddened many people. But some of his acquaintances had an inkling that dark thoughts were running through his head. According to his good friend, who spoke to only under the guarantee of anonymity, the demanding work was to blame.

“Marian has been calling for attention for a long time. He was working at 1000 percent, he was very overworked, he still missed the people at the bar. I think he couldn’t have any space for his private life and friends. He drowned in that noose. We can’t say we’re shocked. Rather, it didn’t even occur to us that he didn’t even have anyone close to him,” a young woman revealed to Expresa, but did not wish to be named.

“I’m sorry, he was a great guy. We were supposed to go for coffee, he wanted to talk, but then he didn’t answer. I’m even more sorry now.” a friend added sadly.

Marian O. was supposed to hang himself backstage during a concert by the Tros Discotequos band of Vojtěch Dyk, Jakub Prachar and Jan Maxián. The guests learned about the suicide only after the event, when the body was discovered.

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