Pink creatures at Miss about inappropriate outfits: We have sexy bodies, so why not show them off?

Like creatures from another world, the participants of the Like Haf reality show Alex Wortex and his partner, who left their pet dog at home, but also forgot their taste there. Although they are both very eccentric Slovak characters, at the Czech Miss Essens gala evening, the two of them looked like an eye-catcher. How did they “apologize” for not following the dress code of the gala?

Influencer Alex Vortex is a controversial figure from Slovakia who enjoys unconventional outfits. As she herself admitted, she is already famous for it in the neighboring country, now she would like to break through in the Czech Republic as well. And make a so-called hole in the world, obviously very controversial and pink.

While the ladies and gentlemen chose evening gowns and tuxedos, the couple from the primetime reality show Like Haf ditched the dress code and came to the O2 universum center as a funny masquerade combined with an erotic fair.

“I think we have hot bodies, so why not show them off? Why wrap up in some boring tuxedos or party dresses when we can make it shine like this here,” she spoke to Expres Alex, who showed almost everything from her body.

Isn’t her partner, who looked like a pink disco ball in a sequined dress, jealous that his partner showed off almost everything?

Alex Vortex

“After all, the whole of Slovakia saw her naked, so now the Czechia can too,” laughed the bearded influencer.

Even their answers to what they think a miss should look like were very unconventional. Check it out in our video interview.

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