Pornhub has released its statistics. What did people search for and watch the most?

This is the ninth year that Pornhub has published its statistics. It shows, among other things, which type of porn was watched the most during the year, or which jumped compared to previous years around the world. Pornhub itself states that most statistics are often influenced by pop culture and other global events.

The first statistic that Pornhub reveals is the most searched terms. The term “Real” took first place. Searches for this term have increased by 169 percent since last year, making it into the top twenty categories. 37 percent more women than men imagine this concept. The term “Gender” came in second place. The “Transgender” category grew by 75 percent to become the seventh most popular category in the world. The most searched gender identities include “non-binary”, “gender x” and “androgynous”.

The United States has the highest daily activity on Pornhub. This was followed by the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Mexico and Italy. The Czechia was not included in the top twenty countries in this statistic. There is no reason to despair. Compared to the rest of the world, Poles watched Czech porn the most.

“Lesbian”, “Ebony” and “Japanese” occupied the first three places of the most watched categories worldwide. In the Czech Republic, the “Lesbian” category is in first place. For example, in Russia it is “Transgender” and in Germany it is “Anal”.

Women watch more lesbian porn than men, and men watch more Japanese porn. However, for both sexes, the viewership of the “Ebony” porn category has increased significantly since last years. Worldwide, more men than women use Pornhub. However, in some countries the viewership ratio is very even. In the Philippines, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina, almost half of Pornhub’s visitors are women.

A category that more women than men follow

Scissoring + 155%
Trans Male Transgender + 115%
Solo Male + 87%
Pussy Licking + 78%
Popular with Women + 73%
Lesbian + 69%
Toys + 55%
Fingering + 53%
Bisexual Men + 48%
Threesome + 40%
Reality + 37%
Hardcore + 34%
Muscular Men + 32%
Bondage + 30%
Gangbang + 29%

Abella Danger was the most sought after porn actress of the year. Lana Rhoades came in second and Angela White came in third. Together, these three porn actresses have over four billion views.

The six most watched porn actresses

Riley Reid 1,615,298,795 views
Abella Danger 1,609,231,086 views
Lana Rhoades 1,492,466,395 views
Angela White 949 440 298 views
Eva Elfie 872 353 651 views
Emily Willis 758 199 319 views

Other interesting statistics include, for example, on which devices people watched porn the most. Ninety-three percent were phones, thirteen percent were computers, and three percent were tablets. A few percent more users of the Pornhub site were using the Android operating system than Apple IOS.

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