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Poster of Taganrog: where to go for the weekend?

The upcoming weekend is unlikely to please with good weather – it will be cloudy and rainy. So, if there is no desire to walk around the foggy Taganrog, then you can spend time in our cultural institutions, where it is always interesting, warm and cozy. In addition, New Year’s programs begin in the city and you can create a festive mood right now. For example, at the museum event “Waiting for Christmas” in the Chekhov Shop, you will learn how the Chekhovs prepared for the holiday. And tomorrow, December 17, the Alferaki Palace will host a “Christmas Evening” with the participation of the municipal chamber orchestra. Choose what you like best. Build your cultural route with our poster.

Taganrog Art Museum

st. Alexandrovskaya, 56 (tel. 38-31-70)

December 17 11 a.m. – children’s event with a master class “Shaggy symbol of the year”. AT 12 hours for children in the Shadow Theater fairy tale “The Snow Queen”. December 18 at 14:00 – a tour of the updated exposition “Times connecting thread”.

per. Lermontovsky, 22 (tel. 36-20-50)

December 17 at 15:00 — a sightseeing tour of the exhibition of painting, graphics and sculpture of the turn of the century “Golden Names of the Silver Age”: paintings by Valentin Serov, Konstantin Korovin, Philip Malyavin, Viktor Vasnetsov and other famous artists.

December 18 at the same time – thematic tour “Golden names of the Silver Age: Valentin Serov”.

Library named after A.P. Chekhov (tel. 38-31-96)

Small exhibition hall (st. Petrovskaya, 69)

there is an exhibition of children’s drawings of the Art School Art School # 1 “Seasons”.

Concert and exhibition hall (street Petrovskaya, 69)

December 20 at 17:00 – reporting concert of the piano department of the Children’s Music School named after A.G. Abuzarova. Free admission.

Conference hall (Grecheskaya street, 105)

December 21 at 12 noon – a literary living room with elements of the game quiz “Uncle Fyodor and others”, dedicated to the work of Eduard Uspensky. Free admission.

Taganrog Drama Theater named after A.P. Chekhov (St. Petrovskaya, 90, tel. 38-34-93)

December 17 at 17:00 – production of “Zoyka’s apartment”, December 18 at the same time – “Hungry or aristocrats”, and at 11 – the premiere of the fairy tale for children “Snegurushka”. December 19 at 18.30 the municipal chamber orchestra under the direction of Alexander Gurevich and theater artist Sergei Barinov present the program “Music and Word”.

At the Youth Center (Petrovskaya St., 89)

December 17 at 18.30 – performance “33 happiness”.

Taganrog State Literary and Historical-Architectural Museum-Reserve

Museum of History and Local Lore (Frunze St., 41, tel. 38-34-96)

December 17 at 16:00 the concert “Christmas Evening” is presented by the Municipal Chamber Orchestra of Taganrog (artistic director – Alexander Gurevich) with the participation of Violetta Boluchevskaya (piano).

We invite you to visit the exhibitions:

“Tree of Life” – more than 70 works of painting, graphics, posters by honored artists of Russia Alexei, Elena and Natalia Kurmanaevsky;

“Peter I and his era” — rare books, coins and medals, unique weapons of the Petrine era from the stock collection of the Taganrog Museum-Reserve;

“Cadres decide everything!” – about the achievements of Taganrog residents in the field of aircraft construction, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, culture and education.

Literary Museum of A.P. Chekhov (st. Oktyabrskaya, 9, tel. 61-14-66)

December 18 at 11 am – a public lecture “Priests-teachers of Taganrog gymnasiums” about talented representatives of the Taganrog clergy.

Museum “Chekhov’s Shop” (100 Aleksandrovskaya St., tel. 61-27-82)

December 17 at 12 noon – museum program “Waiting for Christmas”. How did the Chekhovs prepare for the holiday?

Museum of I.D. Vasilenko (Chekhov str., 88, tel. 61-36-73)

December 18 at 12 noon – game museum program “Friendship is our strength!” with a master class on making a museum souvenir “Friendship Bracelet”.

December 17 at the same time – the game program “Artyomka and his friends – together with us forever!” with a master class on making a souvenir “Bird of Happiness”.

Museum “Urban Planning and Life of Taganrog” (Frunze St., 80, tel. 61-43-33)

December 18 at 11 am – thematic excursion “Fortifications of the Miussky Peninsula”.

Photo by Dmitry Rychkov

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