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Problems with heating on Dzerzhinsky street: comment from the administration

Publications appeared on the Internet about problems with heating in two apartment buildings located along Dzerzhinsky Street in Taganrog. We are talking about high-rise buildings No. 152 \ 4 and 170. The materials say that in some apartments in cold weather the temperature reaches + 16-18 °, and residents have to stay indoors in warm clothes and jackets, while paying the full cost for heating . Appeals to seniors at home, to management companies and housing and communal services, according to homeowners, did not produce results.

The administration of Taganrog explained to us that this information is not true.

In order to refute the unreliable information published on December 10, 2022 on the Notebook-Taganrog website about the unsatisfactory heating of apartment No. December 12 departure to the specified address. According to the results of the check, it was found that the temperature of the coolant at the inlet to the MKD is +69° on the supply pipeline and +54° on the return pipeline. The average temperature in apartment No. 21 is +21.9°C. There are no complaints about the heat supply from the residents of this apartment. Previously, the residents followed the management company’s recommendations for sealing window openings and balcony doors to prevent cold outdoor air from entering the living space.

  • A similar situation has developed in the house at 170 Dzerzhinsky Street, where the commission did not establish the facts of temperature violations in residential premises, which is confirmed by the acts of the apartment owners, the official comment says.

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