Prosechenskaya and Alexander Nevsky schools received new buses –

Prosechenskaya and Alexander Nevsky schools received new buses

A new PAZ bus with a capacity of 29 people was received at the Prosechenskaya school, and the driver of the Alexander Nevsky school also received the keys to a GAZ car with a capacity of 16 people.

It should be reminded that a large, modern school was built in Prosechye under the program “Integrated development of rural territories of the rural agglomeration “Alexandro-Nevsky”.

As explained Nadezhda Ozhereleva, director of the Prosechenskaya school, with the commissioning of another school bus, a new school route will open. Now one bus will bring children to school from Zaborovo and Mikhalkovo, the other from Speshnevo. The new car will be driven by Viktor Grachev, an experienced driver.

Viktor Zhirkov, director of the Alexander Nevsky School:

“Our new gazelle for 16 seats. This is five more than it was in the old car. The driver Sergey Lunkin picks up the children from Borovka every morning and takes them to the Alexander Nevsky School, 12 people in total. He also delivers five children from Chernyshovka and Fedtsovka to our branch, Borisovskaya school. After school, Lunkin takes the children home.”

The principal of the school noted that the new car is more comfortable and has a smoother ride.

Tatyana Fedotova, head of the district education department:

“Over the past few years, the park of school buses in the area has been significantly updated. So the School Bus program works. For which many thanks to the federal and regional authorities.”

In total, there are 16 school routes in the Aleksandro-Nevsky district now. There are currently 10 cars on them. After registration, two new cars will be replenished. In total, 280 children travel to and from school on gazelles and buses in the district.

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