Puhaikov is still alone. Drive men away, or suffer the stigma of Jgra?

Turn on the stove Inna Puhaikov she is strangely still alone. He’s getting sexier every year and he’s maturing like a new year, no one new has shown up to ride by his side.

Bval’s partner Jaromr Jgr claims that he is determined not to sit at home and is not sad that the so-called train would miss him. On the contrary, she is happy for you.

I have a lot of friends around me, who are a great support for me, great company in my free time, but I don’t have a relationship with them at the moment and I don’t even look at them, Inna said in front of the Expres camera.

Is that really the case? Her colleagues and friends got married one by one, and their children also had more children. Years none of us have stopped, it’s a pity to go up in that the biological clock does not stop.

Inna Puhaikov

Inna Puhajkov with her partner.

After all, aren’t his words about not looking for love just a way to keep her from looking desperate? Looking at such a beauty, however, it is clear that there is no need for surprises.

She didn’t mind my father. After a seven-year relationship with the hockey god Jaromre Jgrwho, by God, gave way to a wedding and a child to a breakup, could not get rid of the sticker from Jgr.

Inna Puhajkov went to Bratislava with a cool jersey.

That’s a bad partner. And especially when you go with someone, the whole world looks up to him. In the end, she stayed with the athletes.

For five years, she lived with league soccer player Petr Tlust, whom she had to come to Jihlava, where he was playing. However, the long-term relationship did not lead to marriage in the end, but a quick breakup took place during covid-19.

Inna Puhajkov with ex-partner Petr Tlust

She did not grieve for long and married Jiho Rkosnek, a rich marketing expert. She didn’t even start having children with him and didn’t end up in front of the altar. Instead, she had to move out of his apartment and look for her own place before the month.

to se, e to aunt and enough. You are welcome to meet Mr. Boskho.

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