Punishment for anger? Koleko was looking for a son, Vignerov closed the party after Miss

Beautiful model Aneta Vignerov (35) can still do it. After her son Jik was born, she took a break from partying, but she showed that the girl from Moravia was still there. Or is it perhaps a form of revenge against the unfaithful screenwriter Petar Kolek (38), so that he does not think that after returning to him he will be kept sitting at home?

Finle’s esk Miss Essence didn’t just appeal to a few Vanessa widow (19), but the queen was Anet Vignerov. Not only did it really suit her, she was very beautiful in the years since Michael Kovik’s court design, she even wore beauty and honey this evening.

After the celebratory evening, she definitely did not go home to her little son, but she decided to get some freedom, when her uncle Petr Koleko and her mother were hungry at home and she could get out of bed.

If he honors his father, the boys will beat it, ekla Expresa before transferring to Prim.

At home, it was especially good, and Aneta opened it up at the afterparty. she went from room to room, never letting go of the glass of perfume and having fun. Even so, she and her party had to be warned by the security guard in the field that she had to turn around.

And it was a bit confusing because she wanted to give her unfaithful partner a lesson with it, and when he moved to the families of the actress Denisa Nesvailovshe will not sit in the corner like a puka.

Aneta Vignerov arrived with hairdresser Jim Hrabal, who also takes care of Dagmar Patrasov’s hair.

Aneta is a bit on the horse and me Wheelbarrow to savor. He has a headache and the model is now testing his patience.

And it’s as she wants, she used to know how to spin it, entertain the whole company and not just for some fake poor woman.

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