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Putin increased the minimum wage in the country

From January 1 next year, the minimum wage in Russia will increase up to 16,242 rubles. The relevant law was signed by President Vladimir Putin

The new regulation changes the methodology for calculating the minimum wage indicator for 2023 and 2024. Previously, it was calculated on the basis of the median wage (half of workers receive more than this value, half – less) for the past year. In the next two years, the minimum wage will be set by a special law.

In 2022, the minimum wage is 13,890 rubles per month, and will increase by 2,352 rubles to 16,242 rubles. From the explanatory materials to the normative act, it follows that the law will help ensure wage increases for about 3.5 million workers.

In the Sverdlovsk region, the minimum wage will increase by the district coefficient. In Garinsky and Taborinsky districts, Ivdel, Severouralsk, Karpinsk and Krasnoturinsk, the indicator will be 1.2 minimum wages, and in all other cities of the region – 1.15.

Prior to that, the living wage was raised in Russia. He is in 2023 amount to 14,375 rubles (for the able-bodied population – 15,669 rubles, for pensioners – 12,363 rubles, for children – 13,944 rubles). The government decided to deviate from the previously approved rules for calculating the minimum due to high inflation and extraordinary indexation of social benefits. In the Sverdlovsk region, the cost of living will be slightly lower than the federal one. In natural terms, per capita, amount to 14,088 rubles per month (for the able-bodied population – 15,356 rubles, for pensioners – 12,116 rubles, for children – 14,623 rubles).

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