Rector’s Packs, Duck Decanter and more in stores this week

Clothes with ostrich feathers and pink boas, a reversible sheepskin coat, cosmetics for boys and men, designer diapers and much more.

Lamp on chicken legs, half horse and basket from Ghana

Dantone Home are well known as manufacturers of quality furniture, but not everyone knows that in their showrooms (in Moscow – at Trekhgorny Val, 5) you can also find interesting home accessories. For example, desktop lamp “Hunter” on chicken (almost) legs (28,600 rubles), more precisely, on a brass base in the form of paws of a waterfowl. Or half horse: decorative figure Horse (9900 rubles), which will definitely enliven the interior, is at your service. If you are in a permanent search for gifts, pay attention to chapter with baskets and decor from Ghana: they are woven from elephant grass.

Double-sided sheepskin coat

Styled like a shirt straight sheepskin coat Russian brand ALine can be worn both smooth and textured side out. Soft sheared sheepskin drapes well, so the sheepskin coat looks almost weightless – this can be worn both in a feast and in the world. You can try on the novelty in the brand’s boutique on Petrovka.

Pink boa and other miracles in feathers

Fuchsia is tired – we don’t argue here, but when, if not in the New Year, allow yourself to unscrew the color to the fullest? For example, using boa from pink ostrich feathers To Be Blossom (19,900 rubles). More concise “ostriches” for the holidays, of course, also arrived in time. Kalmanovich has graphic black dresses in sequins, Marciano by Guess has plain tops on thin straps (16,300 rubles), Lime has shortened satin pants free cut (8999 rubles), Charmstore has satin shirts (9990 rubles), and 2MOOD – velvet (14,980 rubles) with feather cuffs.

Duck decanter

And feathered again. Decanter Regent made of glass and stainless steel can be used both for drinks of various strengths (carafe volume – 0.75 l), and as a decorative element. The cost of the product is 11,690 rubles, it is sold in Cook House stores, for example, in Evropeisky and the Horosho shopping center.

Rector Father’s Sets

Another season of the sensational “Father Rector”. Festive sets fragrant herbs, berries, spices and dried fruits (4,690 rubles), as before, are collected and packaged in glass flasks by hand by Tula confectioners (“It just happened,” the creators explain). Blends are created by a team of professional technologists and mixologists, and they are not repeated from year to year. Everyone can insist on the contents of the bottles on their own.

Cosmetics for adults and young men

Sales of the Italian brand Egia Biocare System have started in the beauty space of TSUM. In fact, all brand products are cosmeceutical and undergo thorough laboratory and clinical studies. They do not contain chemically aggressive substances, but at the same time, asset delivery systems are adjusted so as to restore the structure of the epidermis. In addition to women’s products, Egia has excellent men’s products: soothing emulsionwhich quickly relieves irritation after shaving (4240 rubles), and “energy cocktail for men’s skin “(5960 rubles) – useful for those who work at night and fly a lot. Younger men – age 0+ – are addressed to a brand with the eloquent name Brand For My Son. It was created by Andrey Shakhov from St. Petersburg “for his son, your daughter, children who will grow up in this world, and adults who already want to take care of it.” Products are as safe as possible – without heavy metals, synthetic fragrances and allergens, but with a bunch of international quality certificates. Prices are humane – from 552 rubles. per gel for swimming and lotion for the body up to 1352 rubles. per pack diapers (yes, their brand also makes).

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