Relatives of mobilized Shat residents attended the concert of the People’s Artist

Relatives of mobilized Shat residents attended a concert by People’s Artist of Russia Dmitry Pevtsov

December 17 People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Dmitry Pevtsov gave a concert at the Ryazan Philharmonic. Thus, the artist decided to support the residents of the region who are doing their duty in the zone of a special military operation. The concert was attended by relatives of the mobilized residents of Shatsk.

Deputy Head of the Shatsk District Administration for Social Affairs Olga Kiseleva:

“In the Government of the Ryazan region, we were given tickets to a concert by Dmitry Pevtsov for relatives of the mobilized residents of Shatsk. The administration of the Shatsky district provided transport for the trip to Ryazan. The concert was held at the Ryazan Regional Philharmonic. After that, when we were driving home, we shared our impressions.”

Elena Kudinova:

“Loved it! The program included favorite songs from Soviet films that made you cry, laugh, and sing along with the artist. Wonderful vocals, wonderful poems, subtle humor and, of course, live sound made this evening unforgettable.”

Tatyana Simbirtseva:

“It’s amazing how different the perception of the artist’s work on the screen and on stage. Throughout the concert, a very warm, sincere atmosphere reigned in the hall. Many thanks to the organizers for this opportunity! And also – for the constant attention to us and support. We feel it in everything: from timely payments to our defenders, and ending with a response to any request for help.”

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