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Residents of Nizhny Tagil are waiting for the tax reform

From January 1, 2023, the procedure for paying taxes will change dramatically – all businesses and ordinary citizens will switch to a single tax account. Let’s explain how it will work.

What is a single tax account?

In fact, this is the payment of several taxes and contributions by one payment order to one account, which will be created for each Federal Tax Service. The tax service will automatically distribute the funds for their intended purpose. The payer will immediately see how much he owes the state, and will be able to dispose of the positive balance at his own discretion. For the Federal Tax Service, the innovation will reduce tax arrears, because tax authorities will be able to set off any overpayment on their own against debt.

A single account is also an opportunity to close the issue of taxes faster and without errors, the IFTS No. 16, which serves Nizhny Tagil and four other territories of the Sverdlovsk region, told Vse Novosti news agency. It is assumed that now it will be impossible to make a mistake with filling out the payment – the details will be the same for all types of taxes.

How will it work?

For organizations and entrepreneurs there will be one reporting deadline – the 25th day of the month. And one deadline for paying taxes is the 28th. Before this date, you need to deposit money into your single tax account. Then the funds will be distributed among all the obligations of the payer. Expenses can be seen in your personal account.

“The chronology of offsetting budget revenues is strictly regulated: first of all, the arrears are closed, starting from an earlier date of occurrence. Next, taxes, advance payments for taxes and insurance premiums are credited from the date the obligation to pay arises on the basis of tax declarations, calculations, notifications of calculated amounts. Last of all, penalties, interest and fines will be counted, ”the Federal Tax Service explains.

Free money can be credited to a single tax payment of another person. To do this, you need to submit an application, and the funds will leave the account. In addition, the time for removing blocking from a person’s account after paying off the debt is reduced to one day.

Individuals will still have the same deadline for paying property taxes, December 1. But the payment will be the same – with the same details and the total amount. And it will become easier and faster to pay for it, they expect in the tax office.

Where to go if you have questions?

On December 15, the tax authorities invite residents of Nizhny Tagil for consultations on the introduction of a single tax account. Introductory lectures will be held at 11 and 15 hours on the 2nd floor of the inspection building at Lomonosov, 4. But you can come at any time from 9 am to 8 pm – experts promise to tell you about all the nuances of the new system.

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