Restaurant Michel on Krasnaya Presnya temporarily renamed in honor of Messi

Yesterday’s final of the World Cup (Argentina – France) did not leave anyone indifferent.

Even those who at the beginning of the game asked who was in white shirts and who was in blue, by the end of the match they were already arguing about the fairness of the last goal: the decisive goal into the French goal, which led to the shoot-out, was scored by Lionel Messi, for whom this World Cup became the last in his career.

The most French café in Moscow, Michel, on Krasnaya Presnya, before the game, invited everyone to watch the match at their place and promised that if the French won, everyone would be in for a surprise. But it turned out the opposite: Argentina won. And the cafe employees decided that they needed to accept defeat with dignity: instead of the Michel sign, the inscription “Messi” appeared.

– Lost beautifully. Honor and respect to the winners. In the coming days, you can safely say to taxi drivers “I’m in the Messi cafe,” Michel wrote on social networks that published photos of the sign.

Moskvich Mag contacted Michel, and Evgenia Chassagniard, co-founder of the restaurant and bar Marie Lavoe, explained what happened:

“We have a family restaurant, and for more than 13 years we have always been cheering and supporting France. But yesterday there was an unprecedented case when a great athlete of our time came up against France. My dad (founder of the restaurant) is a football fan and Messi fan. So he and I argued that if France loses, then I should admit defeat, no matter how bitter it may be, and replace the name “Michel” with “Messi” for one week. That’s it.

PS: Music is in my heart, unwavering. Allez les bleus!”

However, many in the sports community argue on the fairness of Argentina’s victory: at the moment when Messi scored the third goal for the French in extra time, two substitutes from the Argentine national team ran onto the field, which means that the goal should not have been counted.

Argentine national team striker Leo Messi is already 35 years old, which is a lot by football standards. He was recognized as the best player in the world championship, which he won for the first time. He is the owner of more than forty team and individual football trophies. The only thing missing was the World Cup. By the way, Messi also has the title of champion of France, in club life he plays for PSG – side by side with his yesterday’s main rival Kylian Mbappe.


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