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Results of the year: Taganrog attracted over 10 billion rubles of investments

For the first half of 2022, the volume of investments in the fixed capital of Taganrog organizations amounted to about 10 billion rubles, which is almost twice as much as in 2021. At the end of the year, the investment portfolio should amount to at least 13.3 billion rubles (120% growth). Such figures were given by the head of the administration of Taganrog, Mikhail Solonitsin, in his report to the residents of Taganrog, which took place on November 24.

At the moment, four major investment projects totaling 3.7 billion rubles are included in the Governor’s “hundred”. For example, Technologies of Light LLC is building a plant for the production of LED lighting devices. PromTyazhMash JSC intends to increase the production capacity of conveyor rollers by putting into operation additional units of CNC equipment. The implementation period for these projects is 2022.

Another investor, Sea Grain Terminal LLC, is building a universal port transshipment complex in the seaport of Taganrog in the area of ​​the Northern Mole. The capacity of the new complex will be 270-300 thousand tons per year of grain and general cargo. The project implementation period is 2024.

This summer, the list of “100 Governor’s investment projects” included the project of the “Klever” company for the construction of an agricultural machinery plant in Taganrog. Recall that it is being implemented at the site of the former TagAZ. It is planned that investments in the amount of 1.5 billion rubles will be invested in production. The area of ​​the enterprise will be 75 hectares. The investor intends to complete the construction in 2024. The new Taganrog plant will produce several types of equipment in demand among farmers. Including, these are forage harvesters, soil and grain processing machines, various types of sprayers and components for combines. In the future, up to one and a half thousand vacancies will be opened at the new production in Taganrog. At the first stage, 500 people will be employed. Annually, it is planned to produce products worth 3 billion rubles at the new site.

  • Another 27 projects totaling 24.4 billion rubles are on the city’s list of investment projects, Mikhail Solonitsin specified.

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