Return of the lost son? Jakub tfek appeared in Specialists a divci l

For fans of the Specialist series, thank you. In the past, they mourned the passing of the popular actor Jakub Tfek, but this time it’s the end of the year. In the last two parts, the likeable Lavi appeared in the police darkness, where he was the main star for two. would he bring back his lost son?

Hvzda actor Jakub tfka is constantly growing. After the success of the film Vyehrad: Fylm, he released the film Eclipse, and now he is looking to go back to the stardom to return to the successful series Specialist, where he was alongside Martin Dejdar not even a star.

Years later, he decided that he didn’t want to be pigeonholed as a boy from Ulica and a police officer and let Lavi into the world. To this day, he celebrated rushes with him, but now it seems that he got tired of the old part and appeared again in two breaths next to South Hny.

Unfortunately, it is not about the return of the year, but only the momentary return of his character, which was intertwined with the events where organized crime was going and he was running a research company. Only his character turned into an episodic one, and as quickly as he went to Specialist, he will leave again.

The audience would not mind if he moved back again, or vice versa.

Dominica squirmed under those blankets. The fault of the material, or perhaps the child?

Jakub tfek seril oivil again. They could shake him up there match people on social media.

It’s just that Kuba doesn’t want to take a step back and return to a project he once left. If you’re a fan, you don’t have to throw a gun at it. He was also in the street, and the furnace was only moving there for a while.

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