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Roskachestvo: dangerous substances found in Huggy Waggi toys

Roskachestvo found dangerous chemicals in popular children’s toys Huggy Waggi, reported in telegram channel departments. In particular, the products contain an excess of phenol, which is quickly absorbed through the skin, destroys the immune and nervous systems, leads to allergies, dizziness, headaches, vomiting and sleep disturbance.

Specialists examined soft toys Huggi Waggi 18 brands. Nine of them did not even have information about the manufacturer or importer of the product.

Toys of 12 trademarks do not have certificates of compliance with the requirements of the technical regulation TR CU 008/2011. Another 16 brands have excess phenol content. The products of 8 manufacturers are toxic.

In addition, toys of 14 brands do not meet the advanced Roskachestvo standard in terms of appearance even before washing, and the products of another 9 do not comply with the technical regulations in terms of appearance after five washes at 30 °C.

  • The reaction of sellers to dangerous toys followed immediately. Online stores and marketplaces “Yandex.Market”, “Ozone” and Wildberries immediately removed the goods from sale. Detsky Mir has blocked deliveries until the supplier issues a safety certificate. “Azbuka detstva” brought these models out of the range, – the message says.


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