Ryazan hosted the conference “Cybernetic control systems

The conference “Cybernetic systems for managing activities” was held in Ryazan

On December 20, the conference “Cybernetic systems for managing activities” was held at the Ryazan “Boiling Point”.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the IT and business environment. The participants of the conference exchanged experience, discussed the problems of automation, improvement of labor and management using digital technologies.

Roman Perepelkin, CEO of BusinessInterSoft and developer of the ODANT platform:

“We decided to show how we can create an activity management system on our platform. If 1C can process up to 500 processes, SAP – up to 30 thousand, then ODANT is capable of pulling up to 300-400 thousand processes. Already implemented in 80 organizations of the Ryazan region. In fact, all housing and communal services in the region work on our platform. We have been developing this complex on our own for more than 20 years.”

Sergei Trushkin, Deputy Director of the Center for Productivity Improvement of the All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade (VAVT):

“We mainly use Western digital technologies. Therefore, when I found out about ODANT, I came to Ryazan without hesitation. When I work in the Productivity Leaders program, I come across the fact that out of 300 projects, only 67 contain at least some IT systems. And 10 are related to forecasting based on existing data or modeling virtual copies of objects. This is very little. I hope that the conference will continue its work.”

The round table discussed the architectural solutions of cyber systems for managing activities and the tools necessary for this.

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