Ryazan non-profit organizations have decided on plans for the future –

Ryazan non-profit organizations have decided on plans for the future

On December 19, in the multimedia hall of the Gorky Regional Library, representatives of socially oriented non-profit organizations met with Anna Roslyakova, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Ryazan Region. Led the meeting Zhanna Fomina, Minister for Territories and Information Policy. Anna Roslyakova noted that non-profit organizations in the region have a good feature: they do not stop working when the funds for the next grant for a particular project run out.

“Your projects are transferred to the next year, they are overgrown with new cases and new like-minded people and benefit people,” said Anna Nikolaevna.

She presented awards to the most active representatives of NGOs. In particular, Olga Voronova, Deputy Chairman of the Public Chamber of the region, one of the organizers and leaders of the system of public control over elections, created in the region, Anna Roslyakova presented the gratitude of the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation. Regional awards – Badges of Honor, Letters of Appreciation and Letters of Appreciation from the Governor – were also presented to many leaders and activists of NGOs. After the award ceremony, the meeting went on in the “open microphone” mode.

Chairman of the Public Chamber of the Ryazan Region Natalia Grishina said that non-profit organizations in the region have recently done a lot of important and useful things, but the main thing in 2022 was the support of the president and the special military operation he initiated. Starting with the moral support of the participants in the operation, the mobilized Ryazan people and their families, the region’s public activists moved on to financial support. On the initiative “from below”, a special charitable foundation “Outpost” was created (in the first days of the special operation, funds were collected at the expense of the regional organization of veterans of the armed forces), and Ryazan residents transferred more than 6 million rubles of their own funds to this fund alone. With this money, they bought and through a direct channel from the walls of the Gorky Library to the front line in the Donbass – through the 137th regiment of the Airborne Forces – they sent quadrocopters, thermal imagers, binoculars, night vision devices, food, medicines so needed by our soldiers … For 3 million 200 thousand rubles bought camouflage coats, and need the same amount more. Natalya Grishina stressed that fundraising continues. The people of Ryazan continue to support our people in whatever way they can…

Natalya Baryshova, Ilya Kryuchkov, Olga Postnikova, Lyubov Larina, Zulaiho Kadirova, Lyudmila Pakholchenko and others spoke about the work of their organizations and projects that have been implemented or are just planned. The meeting participants discussed what they managed to do in the outgoing year, what can and should be done in the coming year, exchanged views and ideas.

Anna Roslyakova noted the importance of the work carried out by Ryazan socially oriented NGOs. She assured that the doors of the regional government are always open for public activists and all their proposals will be heard and considered.

“You can count on our support,” said Anna Nikolaevna.

She congratulated the meeting participants on the upcoming New Year and wished everyone good health and good luck in both personal and public affairs.

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