Ryazan surgeons rescued a fighter from the SVO zone, whose head was stuck

Ryazan surgeons rescued a fighter from the NVO zone, who had a fragment stuck in his head

A seriously wounded soldier from the front line was evacuated to the Ryazan Regional Clinical Hospital. The metal fragment went through the neck, damaged the vertebral artery from behind and got stuck in the soft tissues in the back of the head. The man could die immediately from blood loss, but a hematoma formed at the wound site, which stopped the bleeding.

At the consultation at the OKB, the doctors decided to treat the patient in stages. First, in the X-ray operating room, tiny coils were inserted into the damaged vertebral artery, which blocked the damaged vessel. The next step was the work of vascular surgeons. Surgeons removed the fragment and sewed up the injury site. Now the volunteer’s life is not in danger, he is undergoing rehabilitation.

Andrey Karpunin, chief physician of the Regional Clinical Hospital:

“In this case, the medical workers worked well at every stage. The doctors at the hospital in the NWO zone made the right decision to evacuate him to a clinic for specialized care. In our hospital, they used all the possibilities of the equipment, competently built a treatment plan and professionally completed each of its stages.”

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