Rybnovsky schoolchildren helped the animal shelter

Rybnovsky schoolchildren helped the animal shelter

On December 15, a truck loaded with cat and dog food, blankets, blankets, toys and food bowls left for the Best Friends Homeless Animal Shelter. All this was collected at the annual charity event “For those who care” by children from Rybnovsky schools No. 1 and No. 3, Bagramovskaya, Vysokovskaya and Churilkovskaya schools.

Children from the Rybnovskaya boarding school also went to the shelter and brought with them goodies for the animals, which they bought with the money received from the delivery of waste paper.

Daria Olkhova, 9th grade student of school No. 1, head of the Civic Engagement headquarters:

“This action in our school has been going on for five years. School students are happy to participate in it. We are very glad that children from other schools have joined us this year, together we can help the shelter a lot. I believe that we are doing an important and necessary thing.”

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