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SARS: in the Rostov region, the epidemiological threshold is exceeded by 123.8%

In the Rostov region, the epidemiological threshold for the incidence of acute respiratory viral infections was exceeded by 123.8%. In Volgodonsk, several classes of local schools have already been quarantined.

According to the regional Rospotrebnadzor, last week in the region as a whole more than 30,000 cases of SARS were registered – 38.5% more than a week earlier.

  • 225 people diagnosed with ARVI were examined and 113 positive results were found. Influenza viruses were identified in 63 cases and are represented by influenza A (H1N1) pdm09 (98.4%) and influenza B (1.6%), the department said.

Also, 50 cases of diseases of non-influenza etiology were diagnosed (in 17 cases they were caused by the RS virus, 14 by adenovirus and 19 by other viruses).

According to the official portal of the administration of Volgodonsk, the educational process is now temporarily not carried out there in eight different classes in four educational institutions: the Chance and Yunona gymnasiums, schools No. 11, 13 and 21. Quarantine has been announced in them due to a confirmed diagnosis SARS in 25% of students.

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