Sasha Lee from the team of Leonid Agutin of the show “Voice” presented an unusual video for “The Last Track”

Viewers will be treated to an immersive 360-degree immersive clip!

Alexander Lee (Pitti Loud), one of the members of the 3333 group, originally from Tashkent, in 2021 got on the show “VOICE” in the team of Leonid Agutin.

“When they showed the last broadcast with my participation, I wrote Leonid Nikolayevich words of gratitude, and he suddenly called and agreed to listen to our songs .., so here is one of them – just the one that we are now releasing! I told Leonid Nikolayevich that when the guys and I were writing this song, we jokingly dreamed that Uncle Lenya would listen well in the first verse, to which Leonid Nikolayevich replied – “and I would love to” … To be honest, I was shocked, not thought it would work! In general, thanks to this random event, we recorded a cool song and shot an amazing warm video! Insanely happy to have the opportunity to work with people of this level of professionalism, ”says the artist.

Leonid Agutin: “Sasha timidly suggested – maybe we could sing it together? ..”

.. Ltd! I suggested! Of course, I immediately agreed!

Is this track your style? Is it in the spirit of Leonid Agutin, whom everyone knows?

“Well, not everyone knows everything .. watch the clips and Happy New Year!”

Photo by Maxim Nikitin

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