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Seminar: schoolchildren of Taganrog prepared for the Olympiad

In Taganrog, on the basis of school No. 39, a zonal seminar was held as part of the Mobile Tutor project. It was attended by teachers and high school students of city and district educational institutions.

The event was held by specialists from the Regional Center for the Identification and Support of Gifted Children “Steps of Success” and the city education department. The purpose of the seminar is to organize interaction on the implementation of activities aimed at identifying and supporting gifted children, in-depth study of general education subjects, and encouraging students to participate in the All-Russian School Olympiad.

The participants of the seminar were teachers and schoolchildren of grades 8-10 from Taganrog, Neklinovsky, Kuibyshev and Matveyevo-Kurgan regions. For them, the leading teachers of the Rostov region held master classes on the specifics of solving subject Olympiad problems, psychological trainings that teach children how to get out of a stressful situation during mental and physical stress during the competitive test.

Recall that “Mobile tutor” is an educational project that covers the entire Rostov region and allows students to gain knowledge from the highly professional faculty of the leading universities in the region.


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