Sergey Lazarev: if I do this, come up to me and remind me about this interview!

The artist spoke about his main achievement this year and explained why he does not take his children with him either on stage or behind the stage.

-This year you received your tenth Golden Gramophone for the hit “I’m Not Afraid”, and what is the most important award for you and for what achievement?

– “Golden Gramophone” is an award from my listeners, thanks to them for such support! And the biggest achievement for me as a musician was the premiere of my show. In these difficult times, we collected two full houses in Moscow, went on a tour – already behind 20 cities, I had not slept for several days and came to the capital to receive the Golden Gramophone. So the year turned out to be very productive in terms of music.

– How will you celebrate New Year’s holidays?

– Christmas and New Year are family holidays for me, therefore, of course, with my family, with relatives, with children.

-Where are you going on vacation?

– I love to travel, but have not yet decided where and in what composition to go. I really had a very tense last six months, two big TV projects, preparation for the show, tour, so maybe I will allow myself 2-3 weeks to just relax, rest. And already on January 30, I start shooting in a new television project.

Sergey Lazarev with children, photo VKontakte

– Do you rarely see children with such schedules?

No, we don’t see each other very often. I try to spend any free time, even a few hours, at home. They understand that dad is on tour, but we often spend time together. Today I did not take them, because there are a lot of people around, everyone is sick around, so I left them at home for safety.

-Do the children go on stage with you?

– In general, sometimes they travel with me, come to the shooting, backstage, but I’m just for not taking the children on stage, singing with the children. For some artists, this is the norm, and I do not blame them. But I understand for myself – in no case will I force a child to sing with me. We had once with Nikita, when the Fidget, where I myself once performed, had a children’s concert. It was sweet and touching. But to enter the adult stage – no. If I do so soon, come to me and remind me about this interview: I don’t think it’s necessary!

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