SHAMAN singer no longer hides his beautiful wife

The couple shared a video from a romantic photo shoot, which took place with the spouses for the fifth anniversary of their family life.

Recall that the singer did not say anything about his personal life for a long time, he only mentioned that he was married and had a daughter from this marriage, six-year-old Varya, who now lives with her mother, music school teacher Marina Roshchupkina in Novomoskovsk, Tula region. The second wife of SHAMANa is the top manager of Megafon Elena Martynova, quite well-known in business circles. However, she did not “shine” her marriage to the artist.

And only on the fifth anniversary of the wedding, in November of this year, in Elena’s social networks, their joint photo with SHAMAN suddenly appeared and a tender declaration of love to her husband. Following the wife of the artist published and video from a romantic photo shoot.

SHAMAN and Elena Martynova, social media photo

“Catch the video from the photo shoot for the fifth anniversary of our wedding,” she wrote on her personal blog, closing the possibility of commenting on the post.

Earlier, Elena Martynova admitted that fell in love with her future husband at first sight and then he “had nothing but a piece of God inside, which you can not buy for any money.” The spouses are not embarrassed by the age difference (Elena is 14 years older than SHAMAN, by the way, and his first wife was older than him – with a difference of 6 years). Yaroslav himself, commenting on this topic, unequivocally stated that he and Elena live in complete harmony, and in general he is attracted interacting with older people.

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