Singer Slava is ready for a new relationship

In September of this year, the performer told fans that she and her common-law spouse Anatoly Danilitsky were sleeping in different apartments. The singer with humor said that she simply could not sleep peacefully because of her husband’s snoring.

First, according to the artist, they went to different rooms, and then completely – to apartments. Even then, the most sensitive fans suspected that it was not only snoring.

And indeed, after a couple of months, Slava admitted that now she has nothing to do with 69-year-old Anatoly Danilitsky. The singer noticed that she would not devote subscribers to the details of the breakup, since over the 20 years of the novel there were a lot of bright and positive moments, but there were also “a lot of bad things.” The couple did not officially register their civil marriage.

“So I’m beautiful and beautiful ready for next year with a new relationship,” said the singer.

Slava added that she would not mind if she was introduced to a potential boyfriend. The former spouses have a joint daughter, Antonina, who will soon be 11 years old. And Slava’s daughter from her first marriage got married a few weeks ago and is already preparing her mother for the future role of a grandmother.

Slava, photo by Leonid Alekseev

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