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Skating rink near the main Christmas tree tested in Nizhny Tagil

The filling of the ice rink near the main Christmas tree in Nizhny Tagil is nearing completion. The strength of the ice was tested by multi-ton machines, and the quality was already checked by the children.

The ice rink right on the roadway in Nizhny Tagil is flooded for the first time. This year it was decided to build it at the request of residents. According to the results of the survey, which took place on the VKontakte page of Mayor Vladislav Pinaev, he was chosen from all the New Year’s chips. The ice cover extends deep into Builders Avenue not by 120 meters, as previously announced, but by 180. Thus, its area will exceed 2,000 square meters. meters. According to Konstantin Blaginin, director of the Uralstroy-NT company, ice will not affect the condition of the roadway in any way. The skating rink is created according to proven technology, which is used in many Russian cities, for example, in Gorky Park in Moscow or at the Expo Center in Yekaterinburg. The whole process consists of several stages.

“At first there was preparation: they let the snow accumulate after the roadway was closed, somewhere they added a little bit. Then this snow was compacted, spilled with cold water. This is called a snow cushion – when snow mixes with water, a hard crust is obtained. This is the base of the rink. Then the main mass begins to pour cold water, but cold water has a minus that it freezes for a long time. During the week there are gravies with cold water. And when the thickness of ice and frozen snow cover is more than 10 cm, fine pouring begins. This is the third stage – the entire skating rink is poured with hot water, ”Konstantin Blaginin told Vse Novosti news agency.

Now the third stage is underway. Workers level the coating and immediately test it. Since a large number of people are expected to gather at the rink at the same time, the ice was tested for strength, including with a 12-ton machine. And last weekend, in between fillings, the quality of the surface was tested by children who live in the surrounding houses. They took their skates with them and asked to ride.

“There was nothing but positive emotions, although the ice is not yet completely ready. Feedback is also important to us – there are irregularities somewhere, something else, children find it faster. They say that here it is necessary to grind, pour it there, but here it’s very good!” – says the director of Uralstroy-NT.

The skating rink will be free for everyone. But only those who have their own skates will be able to ride – rental is not provided. The quality of the ice will also be monitored by the Uralstroy-NT contractor: the work schedule includes snow removal every day and at least once every two days – shedding and leveling. The company hopes that Tagil residents will treat the attraction with care and help to keep it until the end of the holidays.

After the closure of the winter camp, the skating rink is dismantled according to the same scheme that is used by road services for de-icing. The ice will be covered with reagents and will be removed in layers and taken out of the city.

Ice town and the main city Christmas tree on Theater Square will open on Wednesday 28 December. Christmas decor this year decided to dedicate cartoon characters, so guests will be greeted by figures of fairy-tale characters.

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