Skopintsy will send gifts to the front line

The collection of gifts and humanitarian cargo for military personnel participating in the NWO continues in Skopin. The teams of schools No. 3 and 4 have already handed over their gifts to the fighters. The students of the October School themselves collected and handed over waste paper. And with the proceeds, they bought sweets for the soldiers for the holiday. As part of the “New Year’s Sending to a Soldier” campaign, volunteers and members of the Yunarmiya detachment named after Marshal of the Soviet Union S.S. Biryuzova collected their parcels filled with sweet surprises. By the way, many educational institutions have established “Kindness Baskets”, which are replenished daily thanks to caring parents and their children, school teachers.

Albina Egorova, an activist from Skopino and a “silver” volunteer, says that caring people helped to purchase metal utensils, as well as cotton wool and gauze, from which special rugs are sewn for the wounded soldiers in the hospital. Local needlewomen and pensioners knitted shirt-fronts for the guys, gloves and socks, which will also go to the front line. They put a part of their love, care and warmth into each loop. And the craftswoman Olga Kuptsova made a Katyusha doll in an army outfit – a kind of Snow Maiden of 2023. All these gifts will go to our soldiers at the end of the week.

“Special thanks to Elena Kuptsova and her team for tea boxes and extraordinary pastries. We will definitely deliver and hand over, – says Albina Pavlovna. Thanks to all the caring residents. The guys will appreciate your concern for them!”

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