Slovkov gave silicone to her friend for Vnoci: Sestenice has nothing because she betrayed me

Sexy influencer Nela Slokov with its silicone grips, it is very popular at social events. Now, the internet star and entrepreneur said that she would help her friend and the employee of his e-shop, Me, improve their figure. On Instagram, Nela was squirming, she gave Drk a voucher for new breasts.

So Dreek sang at the end of the year, but Ma was very good all year. If she wanted to work in Neonkch, few would be able to do it. It doesn’t seem like it, but no one can even imagine how hard work is here. We have great comfort together in Neonkrn, but it’s about how responsible the people around me are, to rely on him 100 percent and then I would give myself away for her, wrote Slovkov, her employee Ma immediately showed off her new breasts in a short video.

The best changes to the gift voucher that Krsna Ma received from Slovkov are for the better. Nela herself wrote a message on a beautiful spring.

Nela Slovkov bought her friend and colleague new breasts for Christmas.

I am very worthy of f. Ever since Ma joined me, breasts have been his dream. So I fulfilled it. U a is lto. She thought she would go to work naked, According to Slovkov, who hinted like that, it will be a long time before someone whistles.

Nela Slov

Tell people in the comments of Nele p that he made his double from his employee. I like you. I have the same breasts, very similar hair and body shape.

We are similar But I don’t make anyone’s decision. What is this nonsense? I think it’s time for the people next door, and it’s time for them. Ma urit has blossomed, responded Slovkov.

Nela Slov

Nela: Sestenice betrayed her own family, that’s why she didn’t get a new breast

The influencer reminded people of years ago, when she gave a similar gift to her cousin Simona. But she couldn’t get a new bust in the end. Nela explained you for.

If he behaves like a rat to families, he will get nothing! Sima survived and would have received many things, but family is a foundation, and what happens happens. It was Simone’s big dream, she would have gotten the breasts if she hadn’t betrayed her own family, stated Slovkov at the address of St. Sestenice.

But Nelina Sestenice sees it a little differently. Two years ago, she let herself be heard that she had not achieved her dream job because she had terminated her employment with a company run by Slovkov.

After I ended my employment, she told me that the plastic surgery would be canceled. I’m not going to pay, and I don’t see any reason why I should present something that is not true. Simona called the day to Mr.

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