Soutcch Rebellion: Masterchef? Manipulation with them and whores, achras with rules and kivda!

Dramatization is a common and completely understandable thing in a reality show, but at the same time, they did not expect that Masterchef would be lost in the first place.

When we spoke with Ace, the renegade and the second most corrupt member of the summer series, a few weeks ago, he told us that a reality show was known to take place in the confessional. As a result, the production plays a lot with the filmed material and strengthens the image of the competition itself.

Everything was not as you saw it on the screens. We were in the confessional for about an hour and a half, and then they came down for the first time, a Bosnian geography teacher told him.

The end of the match, however, loosened the tongue even of those who celebrated the rush. Vtz Martin Pecina gave an interview to the magazine Reporter a few days ago and talked about how the production tries to skillfully provoke conflicts.

Never before has someone explained how a meeting can make life more difficult. Prepare the pros against you so that animosities arise, some drama takes place, someone cries. Television needs to get those people in such a way that there is a lot of excitement, frustration, and excitement. Pesto we managed to work together very nicely, despite tbu. To this day we marry and ask, cross the shoulders, the author, among other things, also considers the baguettes of the summer ronk.

It was a move away from them. When they saw if I would be willing to show any emotion, they must have noticed that I was careful not to get dragged into these manipulations. In the end they gave it to me, but I dare to say that over time they regretted it, indicated that he also tried the manipulations on him.


However, according to some contests, the production cannot be manipulated just by the contest and the way it is seen. Ondej tol, the big favorite of the summer race, but who ended up just before the gates of the final, stood for an unexpected machination with the rules.

The judges sent him to the balcony in the first pre-final call and told him that he was the first finalist. But then suddenly it was different and he had to fight and fight for the final again, which threw Ondra off guard.

I went from the first place to the balcony and they told me: You have to be sure. Then I suddenly veer, immediately in dal zv, fell out. It didn’t make sense to me, the first call was wasted. And I think that was such a turning point, when I wasn’t in the same phase of the game. We were on the edge the whole time and this was grinding. This should not have been a fight for me, ekl Ondej for Nova TV.

Today in the great kitchen of Entre in Olomouc. It will be a ride in the morning @premekforejt. So keep your fingers crossed because it’s not going to be a fun day.

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I was disappointed, it didn’t make sense to me. We waited for that call all day, I could have been with the children. It was such a slap in the back, you ask me how it feels to be in the final, I advanced as the first, I presented the best dish I had prepared in the competition. And after a while they say: It’s really worth it. The next day you go home. I have such a small kivda in my mind. If it happened in the top 10, I won’t say anything, but do you play with people like this before the final? I find that disgusting, really. I’d rather forget about that call, it pisses me off when I say it’s disgusting, Ondra added.

The two are really fans too. The production of this ride was beyond incomprehensible in the penultimate floor, leaving the judges wondering what it’s like to be the first finalist.

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