Starozhilovets Dmitry Lomov became the world champion in Russian bench press –

Starozhilovets Dmitry Lomov became world champion in Russian bench press

On December 14–18, the 8th World Powerlifting Championship was held in Suzdal. Starozhilovets Dmitriy Lomov won first place in the Russian bench press and fulfilled the international class Master of Sports standard of Russia.

Dmitry Lomov:

“I have been doing powerlifting since 2020, I am a member of the Russian Powerlifters Union. He performed at various competitions in different cities of the country. But in this direction – only the second time. I decided to try myself at the World Championships in Suzdal, Vladimir Region.

Performed in the form of “Russian bench press”. It is necessary to lift a barbell weighing 55 kg as many times as possible in one approach. I expected to do at least 86 times – this is exactly the standard of the master of sports of international level for my weight category of 110 kilograms. But I broke all the records and lifted the barbell 101 times, became the world champion. At one moment I felt strength in myself, as if a second wind had opened. So he became the first at the World Championship, ahead of his rivals from Tajikistan.”

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