Suspected of stealing gold jewelry arrested in Sasovo

Suspected of stealing gold jewelry arrested in Sasovo

The police detained a suspect in the theft of gold earrings and a chain. This was reported on December 15 on the website of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Ryazan region.

A 46-year-old local resident contacted the police. She told how a stranger addressed her by name in a shopping center. The girl began to talk about the envy of evil people and offered to break the chain of misfortunes. She asked to take off her jewelry and wrapped it in a scarf. She held the bundle in her hands for a short time and said to put it under the pillow for three days, then all the troubles would end. The woman followed the directions. And after she opened the scarf, she saw gravel instead of her jewelry.

According to preliminary information, a 19-year-old girl suspected of stealing in the Spassky District hid from investigators with a relative in Sasovo. At the mall, she noticed a woman with gold jewelry and decided to scam her. Having captured the attention of the victim, the attacker pulled off a trick with a handkerchief and took the gold items for herself. Jewelry sold to friends.

The suspect was prosecuted and taken into custody.


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