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Taganrog bailiffs handed over assistance to servicemen

Enterprises, organizations and residents of our city help servicemen who are in the zone of the special military operation. How else? After all, among them there are many Taganrozhites. Bailiffs also take part in good deeds. The other day, the head of the Taganrog city department of the GUFSSP of Russia for the Regional Department, Major of the Internal Service Yuri Vashchenko, handed over sets of thermal underwear, warm thermal socks, and vests to the chairman of the regional public organization of veterans “Union of Taganrog Paratroopers” Alexander Setkov. Since the beginning of the military operation, this is not the first and not the last assistance of bailiffs.

As Alexander Setkov said, since April of this year, together with volunteers, entrepreneurs and residents of Taganrog, more than five million rubles worth of assistance has been collected and transferred to the NVO zone. It was received by the soldiers of the 22nd Special Purpose Guards Brigade, the 56th Guards Airborne Assault Regiment, and the 2nd Battalion of the 103rd Motorized Rifle Regiment, where mobilized Taganrog residents serve.

Anatoly Ivashova, photo by the author.

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