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Taganrog enterprises handed over humanitarian cargo to the participants of the NWO

In Taganrog, the teams of three city enterprises formed and handed over another humanitarian cargo to the participants of the special military operation.

At the request of the Chairman of the City Duma – the head of the city of Taganrog Inna Titarenko, the Beriev TANTK team collected a batch of sleeping bags, clothes, shoes and other ammunition for military personnel. The Krasny Gidropress plant purchased materials for field communications equipment. The Lemax company handed over underwear, food, spare parts to the military.

Inna Titarenko sincerely thanked the teams of enterprises represented by the chairman of the trade union committee of the TANTK named after G.M. Ruslan Stukan Beriev, Elina Sokolova, chairman of the Lemax OPO trade union committee, and the management of Krasny Gidropress JSC for the prompt provision of assistance to military personnel. In addition, the head of the city appealed to all enterprises of the city with a request to participate in the preparation of small useful New Year’s gifts for the upcoming holiday in order to please those who are away from home.

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