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Taganrog enterprises won the competition of the best goods of Russia

Yesterday, December 16, in Rostov-on-Don, awards were presented to the winners of the regional and federal stages of the all-Russian competition “100 Best Goods of Russia”. The Don food and industrial goods for the population, as well as products for industrial and technical purposes were among the best. There are also Taganrog enterprises among the finalists.

The main goal of the competition “100 Best Goods of Russia” is to increase consumer confidence in domestic products. The number of participants is increasing every year. This year, 54 applications were accepted by the secretariat of the regional commission for quality. As a result, 28 Don enterprises were recognized as winners of the regional stage. This is reported by the regional government.

  • This year, 22 products of the Rostov region became laureates and 31 – diploma winners. Three enterprises were included in the “Golden Hundred” and were awarded the highest awards of the competition, – said Minister of Industry and Energy Andrey Savelyev.

So, in the nomination “Industrial goods for the population” the award “Leader of Quality” was awarded to the enterprise for the production of heating equipment LLC “Lemax” from Taganrog.

In the nomination “Industrial and technical products” Taganrog JSC “Beta-IR” – a manufacturer of control and testing equipment for ground-based automated systems – was named among the best. In the same nomination, the winner of the regional stage was TANTK them. G.M. Berivea with the Be-200 multi-purpose amphibious aircraft.

In addition, 27 employees of the Don enterprises were awarded the honorary badge “Excellent Quality Worker”.

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