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Taganrog sambists won medals at the regional tournament

In Aksai, in the wrestling hall of the Samurgashev brothers, a regional tournament in combat sambo and sports sambo was held, in which athletes from Taganrog took part.

During the tournament, the older boys competed according to the rules of combat sambo, and the youngest athletes competed according to the rules of sports sambo. Taganrog was represented by pupils of the SAMBO department of sports school No. 1.

As a result, Vladimir Nalivaisky (weight up to 71 kg) and Artem Belyaev (weight up to 52 kg) became the winners of the competition and gold medalists in the combat sambo section, Svyatoslav Chalenko (weight up to 53 kg) won the second place and a silver medal.

Evelina Fisun (weight up to 34 kg) and Milana Pokashkina (weight up to 29 kg) won the second places and silver medals in the sports sambo section among girls. Third place and bronze went to Vera Antufieva (weight up to 34 kg).

Among young men, Ivan Radchenko (weight up to 55 kg) won the second place and a silver medal, Alexander Pokashkin (weight up to 42 kg), Vyacheslav Butorkin (weight up to 46 kg) and Mikhail Shafirov (weight up to 66 kg) won bronze medals.

Athletes train at the Russian Legion sports club under the leadership of Alexander and Margarita Krivoruchko.

Photo VKontakte “Sports Taganrog”

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