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Tagil beau monde had an eco-tour around NTMK

EVRAZ NTMK invited the beau monde of Nizhny Tagil to an ecological production tour. The plant was visited by representatives of the mayor’s office, the city duma, as well as environmental, public, educational and medical organizations.

According to the press service of the holding, during the tour the guests visited the coke production – recently began to cool the coke oven gas in a closed cycle. Thanks to this, breathing in the KHP area will become easier. The guests observed the operation parameters of the heat exchangers, the ammonia absorption section, the movement and temperature of the gas in the units.

Then the group proceeded to blast furnace No. 7, where the tourists saw the release of pig iron, the blast furnace control panel, learned about the specifics of the operation of the aspiration system, gas cleaning and bag filters. After that, the participants at the round table discussed the environmental projects of the plant.

“A large-scale work is being carried out at the plant to reduce the impact on the environment. One of our main tasks is the modernization of coke production. <...> The implementation of this project will significantly reduce polyaromatics, which are most often noticed by residents of Nizhny Tagil,” said Svetlana Neugodnikova, Head of the Environmental Protection Department at EVRAZ NTMK.

“We saw that the plant is changing, production is being modernized in accordance with modern environmental legislation. The old equipment, replaced by heat exchangers, which we visited today, is being prepared for decommissioning,” said Andrey Volegov, head of the Ekopravo NGO.

According to the EVRAZ press service, NTMK has reduced emissions by 4.4 times over the past 30 years. The plant is a participant of the Clean Air federal project, according to which blast-furnace production was updated, aspiration plants in the main divisions were modernized, and projects are being implemented for the use of secondary gases in the plant’s fuel system. The company is modernizing coke production. The results are reflected in the statistics: specific emissions of CCPs (naphthalene, benzene, phenol) over 30 years have decreased by 11.5 times (or by 93%) from 4,562 tons in 1998 to 314.1 tons in 2021.

Ecological tour of NTMK / EVRAZ press service

Ecological tour of NTMK / EVRAZ press service

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