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Tagil residents are invited to choose objects for improvement

The mayor’s office invites residents of Nizhny Tagil to vote for objects for improvement in 2024. You can choose one or more of 12 sites in all areas of the city.

From October 17 to November 8, the townspeople offered territories for renovation. Based on the results, the management of the municipal economy compiled a list of territories claiming priority improvement:

— embankment of the river Mezhevaya in the village of Visimo-Utkinsk;
— the area in front of the building of the Mechanical Engineering College along Vagonostroiteley Avenue, 14a;
— Rudnik Park named after III International;
— Gorky Park on Vye;
— a park of culture and recreation for metallurgists at Tagilstroy (stage 2);
— Ecopark on the Ezhovka River behind houses No. 179 and No. 195 on Kyiv Street;
— square and square near the building at 22 Okuneva;
– space near houses No. 5, 7, 11 along Builders Avenue;
— leisure area on Geologists Street, 33;
— leisure area along Zemlyachki Street, 2;
— leisure area on Leningradsky prospect, 30b, 30, 32, 36
– a pedestrian zone on Leningradsky Prospekt between Tchaikovsky Street and Dzerzhinsky Prospekt.

The next step is public discussion of proposals. A description of the projects for the arrangement of each object was published on the official website of the mayor’s office. Tagil residents to be chosen one or more of the proposed locations. The most popular places among the citizens will be submitted to the final vote, which will be held in the spring on the federal platform “Urban Environment”.

In 2023 reconstruct Nizhne-Vyisky park. 99 million rubles were provided for this project. They will also finance the arrangement of the territory near the former “Universam” on Galyanka along the Chernoistochinsky highway – a little more than 58.5 million rubles are allocated for this. In total, since 2017, 15 public areas have been built, renovated and reconstructed in Nizhny Tagil.

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